What is the best price for a product, given the competence and how close they are? What is the most efficient and economic way of transporting things, considering the prices of the gas, the fees for the highways or the trains and their fluctuations in time?


Baobab is a consultancy business based in Madrid that helps its clients making better decisions by reducing costs and increasing their eficiency with the usage of Optimization, Discrete Event simulation and business Analytics.


What is the best price for my product? How should I set up my schedule to find a higher efficiency and avoid bottlenecks? What is the fastest path when deliver products given the distances between all the stops?

During my time at Baobab, I worked in data analysis and strategic consultancy, creating an app that iterates and provides the optimal solutions for particular problems, given some constraints. In this process I worked with Optimization Models, mathematical programs designed to help institutions and individuals to make "better" decisions and increase efficiency in several areas, such as pricing, setting up scheudules or transportation fees.

The used programming language was AIMMS, combined with mySQL for managing the data bases and the variables we needed to consider for getting our result.



Data mining, managing of big amounts of data, and optimization processes.

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