Talks and workshops

Talk and workshop at the design festivals Kikk 17 and Node. Kikk is an international festival of digital and creative cultures, interested in various implications of new technologies. Node is a festival that empowers individuals by encouraging them to experiment, prototype and develop.

Presentation of the studio Waltz Binaire, its interests and projects concerning human motion in design.


The Kinect is Microsoft 3d motion sensor that provides valuable information to create and develop different types of interaction. Fields ranging from medical motion recovery to interactive art installations benefit from the data provided by this device. The workshop consisted on an introduction to Kinect working with vvvv and its possibilities.

During the Keynote of the Node Festival, I also helped with a live highly improvised accordion performance for opening the conference and between guests.



Computer Vision, Interactive models

Waltz Binaire

Kikk Festival, Node Forum for Digital Arts

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