Previous Work

These projects presented range from arduino to raspberry pi with openCV. During my studies of mechanical engineering i took part in the development of a robot, a bionic hand and a surveillance detector among others.



During my studies of engineering I took part in a contest where the goal was creating a robot able to escape a labryinth faster that its competitors.

The robot should also be able to follow a line on the ground and avoid obstacles. Here there are some videos that we recorded during the development, in boths setups, the labrynth and the black line.

This project was developed with Arduino Uno and a motor shield. For the spatial detection we used infrarred sensors, while for the line detection the used hardware consisted on a 8RC Infrared Reflectance Sensor Array.


Computer Vision offers a wide range of possibilities ranging from motion detection to artificial intelligence. In the development of this project, I could experiment, learn and evaluate the possibilities of the Raspberry Pi working with Python and OpenCV while developing a surveillance detector.


This project took part in the XIII Contest promoted by R+D department at "Universidad Polit├ęcnica de Madrid". Each participant could build up their own business project. In a mutidisciplinar team we developed an app called City You, that proposed the creation of a social network that evaluates and creates a personalized map of a city for every user.



Computer Vision, Arduino, Interactive models

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